Orthopedic Mattress

Buying a new or replacement orthopedic mattress is an important measure when it comes to the health of your back and indeed your body as a whole. Using a good orthopedic mattress is one of the most important measures that you can take to ensure a good night's sleep and avoid back pain and muscular discomfort. It is critical to your body's long term health.

Even so, millions of people suffer from back and muscular problems needlessly and simply because they have not purchased, or considered purchasing, an orthopedic mattress or bed.

So why should you think about buying an Orthopedic Mattress ?

In its optimum alignment, the human spine takes the form of a double "S" shape, a shape that an old or poorly supporting mattress may not be able to support. When this shape is not supported and encouraged by a good mattress, back problems can arise. Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattresses are constructed with spine, skeletal and muscular support as their main objectives and this is why they can help, rest and support our backs. This contributes to our overall well being.

Orthopedic Mattress

When should you replace an Orthopedic Mattress ?

Despite the fact that most older mattresses have a typical life expectancy of no more than 10 years, many people continue to use the same mattress for as long as 20 years. Once a mattress (even a good one) has reached this age it will have started to develop irregular support, failing springs, lumps and other potentially harmful irregularities. All of these structural failings can increase the possibility of preventing restful and restorative sleep and may even start to harm the back

What can happen if you sleep on a poor mattress ?

Poor quality and worn out mattresses may not support the body properly and they can they cause a number of temporary and permanent health difficulties. Many of these problems do not appear immediately as the aches and discomfort that signal oncoming problems may not be noticeable for weeks, or even months, after using the mattress.

The kind of ailments that can occur, or be aggravated by, an unsuitable mattress can range from a stiff or aching back, to chronic back pain. When these difficulties arise, continuing to use the mattress will simply aggravate the condition and escalate the problem. This is why a quality mattress, and ideally an orthopedic one, is good for your back.

Remember, Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattress will benefit any sleeper, whatever their age or state of health and it can also act as preventative measure in protecting against future back and lumbar problems.

Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattresses are now available in a vast array of different constructions and compositions. The recent advances in Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattresses have resulted in materials like Naturual Rubberized Coir, Memory Foam, Natural Latex and Springs, all being used (and sometimes mixed together) for different mattress variants.

The cost of an Orthopedic Mattress ?

Based on a typical human lifespan, most people will spend around 24 years of their life in a bed – and that is if they are healthy. In other words, we spend more time in our bed than we do driving our car, yet few see the two purchases as being of equivalent importance.

When you add to this the value of a good night's sleep, the long term health advantages of adequately supporting the back and body, and the refreshed feeling that a "proper" night's sleep provides, it becomes very obvious that we do not value our mattresses enough. Indeed, very few people invest an amount of money in a mattress that is proportional to its impact on their health. Furthermore, even fewer people buy an Orthopedic Mattres in the first half of their lifetime, the period during which their back's future health is very much determined.

When looked at in this way, the cost of an orthopedic mattress, which may last for 10 years, is actually very low. Finally, Dr. Back® Orthopedic Mattress is one of the most "High-Tec" products available today. The technology and experience that is invested in this range of mattresses was developed by is of no less than 30 years of experience and includes cutting edge materials, design, research and technology. Not sure if, when, or whether your mattress needs replacing. Take a look at this reasons to replace a mattress page to see if your mattress is showing signs of failure, or if it is in need of replacement.